7410 Oxford Place, Fort Smith, Arkansas
December 1991

Dear friends and family,

Even more rapidly than expected, 1991 is soon becoming only memories. God has provided us with many opportunities to serve Him in the past year. His unending love for us has been manifested in countless ways.

We spent a wonderful vacation with friends in Italy, revisiting fun places like Sorrento, Capri, Pompei, Naples, and Rome. We really enjoyed becoming reacquainted with Italian culture. The kids were fascinated at things that seemed commonplace when we were living there.

Michael stays busy with his medical practice with the Roland (Oklahoma) Family Medical Clinic. He spent a week in Guyana, South America, working on a medical mission campaign, where he saw about 100 patients daily. Using the computer for genealogy is his favorite pastime.

Jeannie plays an active role in ladies' Bible classes at church. Under her direction, vacation Bible school was a huge success. She directs One-A-Chord, who made their second gospel music tape this year. Jeannie sings with Fort Smith Chorale. She is kept very busy serving as PTA president at Steven's school.

Angelique, 12, has finally reached the milestone called junior high, where she is in the pep club, girls' choir, and gifted & talented program. She played softball in the summer and attended church camp. One of the highlights of the year was when she was baptized by her dad. Angelique studied Revelation to compete in the Bible Bowl and did very well for her age.

Steven, 10, is doing very well in the 4th grade, where he is in the gifted & talented program and serves on the student council. He recently earned the Webelos badge in Cub Scouts. Steven played baseball and took swimming lessons in the summer. He enjoys speaking before an audience or leading singing at church. He is really proud of the tree house his grandpa built in our backyard.

We hope your year has been filled with adventure. We would love to hear from you. We pray that in 1992 God will abundantly enrich your life with blessings that are free to those who seek them: love, faith, peace, and joy.

Merry Christmas,

Michael & Jeannie,
Angelique & Steven

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