December 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We enjoyed a blessed year with many new adventures. It was an honor to travel and sing with Keith Lancaster and Acappella during their 35th anniversary reunion on our first cruise, stopping in Haiti and Jamaica in January. We spent a few stormy days in April in St. Louis where Michael attended a medical conference. Our return to Fort Smith required driving a longer route to avoid the floods. Just a few days after getting home, the skylight blew off our roof in a storm causing considerable water damage. Our Moses grandchildren traveled with us to Branson to see the “Moses” stage production in July. Angelique’s family included us on their trip to north central Tennessee to observe the spectacular total solar eclipse on 21 August. In late September we visited our missionary friends in Swaziland, where we taught Sunday school classes. We then enjoyed 5 photo safaris near Kruger National Park in South Africa. We experienced Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe on the ground and from a helicopter.

Michael has a busier practice at the new clinic. A physician’s assistant student trained with him for a month. Michael was honored by his employer as Doctor of the Month in October. He taught an adult Sunday school class for 9 months. He continues to enjoy genealogy, which now includes his parents’ and Jeannie’s DNA analyses.

Jeannie flew to Washington to lobby Congress about public education as Michael returned to Fort Smith after our Caribbean cruise. She became a founding member and president of a new organization, League of River Valley Voters. Jeannie was re-elected to begin her 21st year on the Fort Smith School Board. She leads a ladies’ Bible class on Tuesdays. She sang for Praise and Harmony recordings in March and November. These gospel CDs can be purchased at https://acappella.org/store/praise-and-harmony

Greg & Angelique traveled across Italy in September. Corbin has turned 13 and plays percussion for the 7th grade band. Rhiannon is now 10 years old and is a champion reader and speller at her school.

Steven is working in the IT Department of the financial office at the University of Arkansas. Louise is busy raising 15-month-old Ella and 6-year-old Carmen, who has discovered a love of horseback riding.

Carmen, Corbin, Ella, Rhiannon

We hope and pray that you and those you love have a delightful Christmas and that our God blesses your New Year with exciting experiences.

Michael & Jeannie


Cole Family - 25 December 2017
(back row, L to R) Greg Moses, Corbin Moses, Angelique Moses, Ella Cole, Louise Cole, Steven Cole, Carmen Cole;
(front row) Bill Cole, Jeannie Cole, Rhiannon Moses, Michael Cole, Freda Cole

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