December 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our house to yours!

We hope you will enjoy this report of some of our blessings over the past year.

Michael and his nurse relocated to a newly built family medicine clinic in east Fort Smith, only 3 miles from home, after practicing 13 years in south Fort Smith. The new medical school nearby appointed him an adjunct clinical assistant professor.

Jeannie is serving her 20th year on the Fort Smith Board of Education. She coordinated a fundraiser and a blue jean drive for The Hope Chest, a non-profit clothing distribution center. She helped bring Keith Lancaster’s Praise & Harmony worship workshop to Fort Smith.

We spent a few days in Lubbock, Texas, where Jeannie sang with a large group at the recording session for her 10th Praise & Harmony CD. Michael spent most of his time there visiting dear friends from our days in Naples, Italy. We hosted a get acquainted party for the new clinic staff shortly before it opened. Thanks to Michael’s new physician partner arranging luxury box seating, the clinic staff and spouses comfortably enjoyed an Arkansas football game at Razorback Stadium.

Carmen, Corbin, Rhiannon, Ella Angelique is an active member of Women of Letters, the DFW “Supernatural” fan club, with which she helped organize a fundraiser that benefitted the Down's Syndrome Guild of Dallas. Greg works as an Anatomic and Clinical Pathologist at John Peter Smith Health Network. Greg & Angelique continue to improve/furnish/update their house which now generates electricity with new solar panels on the roof. Corbin, now 12 years old, has begun playing percussion instruments in his school band. He won the regional math competition. He takes guitar lessons and enjoys basketball and gymnastics. He attended church camps in Arkansas and New Mexico. Rhiannon recently turned 9 and enjoys dance class and gymnastics. She was the first in her school to read a million words this year. Both children accompanied us to Blanchard Springs Caverns.

Steven is a software programmer at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Louise was awarded the 2016-17 Walton Family Fellowship in Translation. Carmen turned 5 years old and has begun karate lessons. Ella, our sweet, beautiful new granddaughter, is now 3 months old.

We pray that family and friends who read these words will know that we cherish your connection to us. As a new year begins, please remember that showing kindness and forgiveness makes the world a bit more like our Creator and Savior intended.

May your Christmas be filled with joy and your New Year be full of wonder and adventure.

Michael & Jeannie


Cole Family - 25 December 2016
(standing, L to R) Steven & Louise Cole, Corbin Moses, Angelique & Greg Moses;
(adults, seated) Michael & Jeannie Cole, Freda & Billy Cole;
(girls, L to R) Rhiannon Moses, Ella Cole, Carmen Cole

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