December 2015

Greetings friends and family

We hope this message finds you with peace and joy during this holiday season. Perhaps you will share in our joy of the many blessings from God that we experienced in 2015.

This has been a year of weddings. We attended the wedding of Michael’s nurse in April. In May we traveled to North Carolina for the wedding of Michael’s niece. We were honored to attend the garden wedding of Michael’s cousin in Dallas in November. And we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary with a trip to New York City in August where we visited the usual tourist sites, ate well, and attended 5 Broadway shows.

In June we enjoyed a reunion of the families of Jeannie’s sister and brothers in Hot Springs. It was fun to watch all the generations connecting. We co-hosted our neighborhood block party in the cul-de-sac in front of our house in October. Each month we serve as hosts for the families of physicians from church.

Michael turned 60 years old this year. He spends most Saturday mornings working in our yard, hoping to keep our property and his body in shape. After his 2003 Buick irreparably quit running in March, he replaced it with a dark blue 2015 Buick Verano. Still enjoying most of medical practice, Michael is completing 13 years with his current clinic. He was chosen to be a member of his employer’s Physicians Advisory Council and serves as Medical Director for Sparks Home Health. He continues to serve as one of thirteen elders for West-Ark Church of Christ. Carmen, Corbin, Rhiannon - 28 November 2015

Jeannie returned to Washington, DC, in February to lobby Arkansas legislators about public education. She sang with Acappella's Praise & Harmony for another CD in July in Lebanon, Tennessee. She is Vice President of the city school board and, as such, was involved in an historical, but controversial high school mascot change. Jeannie was honored with the Platinum Award by the Arkansas School Boards Association for completing over 400 hours of development training. She continues to serve as one of the ladies’ Bible class teachers at church.

Angelique and Greg purchased a beautiful house in Aledo, Texas. Corbin is now 11 years old. Rhiannon is 8 years old. They are all enjoying having plenty of space both outside and in, with a Texas-sized playroom where all their friends and neighborhood children can gather.

Steven continues to write important software for the University of Arkansas. Louise earned her Ph.D. in April and is now the second “Dr. Cole” in our family. Carmen is a very expressive and active 4-year-old.

We pray that this Christmas season will provide many joys for you and all those you love. May your New Year be filled with wonderful experiences and blessings.

Michael & Jeannie

Cole Family - 25 December 2015
(adults, standing, L to R) Angelique & Greg Moses, Steven & Louise Cole;
(adults, seated) Michael & Jeannie Cole;
(kids, L to R) Rhiannon Moses, Corbin Moses, Carmen Cole

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