That Will Never Change

Copyright © 1996, by Michael S. Cole, M.D.

  1. Injuries (visible, microscopic, and biochemical) will happen.  All cannot be prevented.

  2. Infections (viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic) will occur.  All cannot be eradicated.  All cannot be prevented.

  3. Genetic aberrations will cause diseases.  All cannot be prevented.

  4. New diseases will appear.

  5. People will die.

  6. There will always be questions for which answers cannot be found.

  7. An accurate diagnosis will not be determined in every case.

  8. Every treatment will have potential adverse effects.

  9. A proven treatment will not work for every patient.

  10. The physician will not please everyone.

  11. People with inadequate medical knowledge or training will interfere with appropriate treatment.

  12. Patients will honor a physician more for his/her caring attitude and charming personality than for his/her knowledge.

  13. Medical "truths" not on this list will change as greater truths are discovered.

We will always need physicians (numbers 1-5) and medical researchers (6-9). We will always need to develop better interpersonal relationship skills (10-12).

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