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(Ranked in order of importance.)

  1. You will spend eternity in Heaven.

  2. You will only marry someone who will spend eternity in Heaven.

  3. You will love and obey God.

  4. You will participate in worship regularly with Christians who will spend eternity in Heaven.

  5. You will obey the laws of the government and the rules of those who have authority over you so long as there is no conflict with the laws of God.

  6. You will not bring about a pregnancy outside of marriage. Should such occur, I expect the child to be placed for adoption with a Christian family.

  7. You will never drink alcohol, never smoke, and never take drugs for non-medical purposes.

  8. You will not participate in sexual activity outside of marriage.

  9. You will do the very best you can with whatever tasks assigned to you.

  10. You will treat others with respect and kindness regardless of their age, sex, race, religion, occupation, cultural background, or social class.

  11. You will share the Gospel of Christ and your earthly possessions with others.

  12. You will not allow your friends or others to persuade you to do anything that you know isn't right.

  13. You will not let life's problems interfere with your commitment to and trust in God.

  14. You will accept the responsibility for your own bad choices.

  15. You will become financially independent by age 25.

It is amazing how often children tend to live up (or down) to what we expect from them.

"The lower our expectations concerning children, the more we tolerate behavior that should not be tolerated, and the more undisciplined children will become."
(from Parenting by the Book by John Rosemond, 2007)

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