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Grandma Mellie was born in 1894 in north Arkansas in the midst of the Ozark Mountain country. Growing up before radio, movies, or television, she was frequently told fascinating tales about the adventures of her pioneer grandparents, who were born in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Arkansas. She learned to be quite a storyteller herself. As one of her grandchildren growing up in the same community where my great-great-great-grandfather had homesteaded, I enjoyed listening to her tales of years gone by. Before I was born she began writing newspaper articles about some of these pioneer stories, as well as about her own life in the Ozarks. Enough of her stories were published in the Springfield [Missouri] Daily News that she received a courtesy subscription. From this and the local newspapers, the Harrison [Arkansas] Daily Times and the Boone County [Arkansas] Headlight, she cut out and pasted into scrapbooks many of her published letters and articles. After her death in 1980, her scrapbooks passed to her daughter, who graciously allowed me to photocopy them. I have reproduced here many of her articles for others to enjoy. She could find something good in everything and help folks feel like life is worth living even in the most difficult circumstances. You may learn more about her life and see some pictures of her in "A Tribute to Grandma Mellie."

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