Spaghetti - 10 oz.
Cooked Ham or Bacon - finely chopped
Eggs - 3
Heavy Whipping Cream - 1/2 cup
Margarine - 1/2 stick
Salt and Pepper - to taste
Parmesan Cheese - to taste (1/2 cup?)

    While salted water is heating to a boil, chop ham or bacon.
    Beat eggs in small bowl and set aside.
    Cook spaghetti in boiling, salted water for only 6 minutes.
    Meanwhile, heat whipping cream, margarine, and salt and pepper in a small pan over medium heat until margarine melts. Add parmesan cheese and keep warm.
    Drain pasta and return to pot. Pour uncooked beaten eggs over hot spaghetti, which will cook the eggs without any additional heat.
    Stir chopped ham or bacon into sauce and add to pasta.


Serves 4.

Copyright © 5 March 1999, by Mary Jean Cole

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