Thurs., 8 May 1986

Dear Mom & Dad,

Michael printed out this report from our trip. It sure beats us both writing it over several times for different people.

We had a good time on our trip. We are all still tired, but recuperating.

I have doubts about the sandals you sent. Steven's feet are wide with a high instep. He says these elastic ones are too tight on his feet. He may just not be used to them though. Maybe in time he will accept them. He literally hates all new shoes. He prefers old, worn out, raggedy shoes to new ones. It is a battle to get him to accept a new pair of shoes. Anyway, if you do find the elastic sandals like last year's, please send them.

I mailed your Mother's Day package yesterday. You may get this letter before you get that package.

We ordered 40 pink Angelique tulips and 40 huge red tulips while we were in Holland. They are being shipped to your house in October/November since we don't have an address in the States yet. That is too many for us, but we had to meet a minimum order. We could probably be persuaded to share quite a few.

Our milk and fresh produce are being rationed now since the nuclear reactor in Russia had problems. The military is checking all our stuff for radiation. We are getting a good supply of produce, but milk is scarce. Fortunately, we had a supply of boxed milk since that is what we have been using since we have been here. Hopefully, that will last a while.

See you in a couple of months! We should leave here July 29.

Could we arrange a McDonald's birthday party for Angelique at Searcy on August 2? She'd love for her Woolly & Johns cousins and Davidson friends to share her B'day.



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