[Typed transcription follows.]

handwritten poem by Inez about stillborn daughter

We had one child, death bore her away,
  She never saw the light of day,
    So sweet, so pure and so fair,
With those same bright eyes, the same dark hair
  As her father, — God called her to the sky,
    Alas — our darling had to die.

That fragile form beneath the sod
  Slumbers sweetly, — near our God,
    But Oh, our lost one, doubly dear
Since death has claimed her, have no fear
  There is a place in both our hearts
    For her dear memory set apart.

Our darling will have no hardships and strife,
  No bitterness, heartaches and sorrows of life;
    With sadness and affliction our hearts pulsate,
But in heaven for us our angel will wait,
  Too good for earth, — God called her home,
    And we are left to mourn alone.

—allegedly by Inez (PARKHURST) COLEMAN (or TUMA?)

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