Copyright © 5 March 1996, by Michael S. Cole, M.D.

  1. I will always love you no matter what.

  2. I will always revere, love, and obey God.

  3. I will always love your mother no matter what.

  4. I will spend eternity in Heaven.

  5. I will remain faithful to my marriage vows.

  6. I will be faithful in attendance and participation at every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and mid-week service of the Church of Christ.

  7. I will pray for you daily.

  8. I will obey the laws of the government and the rules of those who have authority over me so long as there is no conflict with the laws of God.

  9. I will never drink alcohol, never smoke, and never use drugs for myself or others for non-medical purposes.

  10. I will do the very best I can with whatever tasks assigned to me.

  11. I will treat others with respect and kindness regardless of their age, sex, race, religion, occupation, cultural background, or social class.

  12. I will not let any stressful circumstance of life interfere with my commitment to and trust in God.

  13. I will not allow anyone to persuade me to do anything that I know isn't right.

  14. I will never ask nor instruct you to do anything that is contrary to the laws of God or man.

  15. I will accept the responsibility for my own bad choices.

  16. I will sacrifice my own wants and needs if necessary to provide you with the necessities of life.

  17. I will respect your right to be different and to have your own opinions.

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