Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
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A Child At Christmas

    By the time this is read, Christmas will have passed and we will be approaching a new year.
    I recently read an article on the "Childishness of the Past." Well! Just let me be a child again ... just for the night before Christmas! The anticipation and excitement thrilled us. We had a beautiful tree all trimmed with strung popcorn and paper ornaments and we hung our stockings by the mantel over the fireplace.
    We could hardly go to sleep thinking of the morrow, though finally our eyes would close. But we were up early next morning, rushing for our stockings. We would usually find stick candy, an orange, nuts and apples. The big prize was a china-head doll sticking from the top of the stocking. On the tree there would be other gifts, mostly handmade, and popcorn balls. Perhaps we would get a story book or two, as an extra dividend.
    But that was all in the long ago ... still I REMEMBER Christmas as a happy day. If there was snow, we went sledding on the hill or skating on the pond, if the ice was thick enough. Those days are fond memories to us.
    This past year has not been a bad one for us. We have had much happiness and an abundance of material things. But best of all is the joy of just being alive and being able to help others less fortunate. We also have had our share of spiritual blessings, which are so important.
    Let us aim high as we go into this new year. If we miss the moon, we might hit a star!
    To everyone, the best of everything ... much happiness and peace on earth, good will to men.

Mellie Smith

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