Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
Copyright © 2001, Michael S. Cole, M.D.

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How It Used To Be

    This is a bright, beautiful day. The sun is shining and we saw a robin yesterday. The crocuses are coming up and seed catalogues are arriving in the mail. I'm happy to see these harbingers of Spring.
    We may be in the midst of winter but I believe old winter's back is broken. February 14 was the oldtimers' groundhog day and though he saw his shadow six weeks will soon pass. February was a fickle month with its snows, fogs, rain and sunshine. It gave one time to recall memories of the long ago.
    We always had fun in the wintertime. Going to school, Sunday School and church ... and we had time for parties, singings and many other activities. Everything was in our own little community for there were no cars to go to far places.
    People were friendly and neighborly. Families would spend the day with others. Sometimes there would be quilting bees, corn huskings, and wood choppings. At hog-killing time, neighbors always helped each other. There were no public works so folks had to make their own living on the farm.
    To me those were carefree days in spite of the hard work. It's too bad we lose contact with our old school mates and friends, for we have so many memories in common. Still, life goes on ... and it is beautiful to remember how it used to be.

Mellie Smith

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