Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
Copyright © 2001, Michael S. Cole, M.D.

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Now and Then

    According to old timers, February 14 is groundhog day. If this is the case, he didn't see his shadow on that day either!
    February has been unusually cold here. At this time, there are patches of snow. Old timers would say the snow is just waiting for another one to come and "patch it up." The weather is something no one can do anything about; we just have to take it and like it!
    In former years, we liked winter. But not any more. Sometimes it's not good for elderly folks like us.
    We are reminded of the yesterdays when we walked a mile and a half to and from school when a snow would be on the ground. Father would hitch the horses to a log and make a trail for us. When we arrived at school, a big fire would be roaring in the huge iron stove. We only had a one room school house.
    We like to think of those days. We enjoyed our books and we got our exercise on the playground. We really had fun playing those games of long ago. I remember "ante-over" and "wolf over the river." In the first game, we would choose sides and throw a ball over the house, and whoever caught it would throw the ball to hit one on the other side as they came around the house. The object was to see who would have the most on their side to win the game. I don't remember too much about "wolf over the river," except that we liked it. We also played ball and also a game called "town ball." What fun we had!
    The school bell would ring all too soon, and we got in line and marched inside in an orderly manner. Then we were ready for our lessons.
    Children today have it so much better. The bus comes by the door and picks them up. School is more interesting with so many different activities. I wonder sometimes if they really appreciate the advantages they have. I also hope they appreciate their hot lunches. We carried our lunch in a pail.

    A new snow is predicted in our vicinity. There should certainly be ample moisture in the ground by the time garden-making time rolls around ... and how our hopes soar when that time comes. It is said that one is closer to God in a garden.
    This old earth is beginning to awaken from its winter sleep. To see flowers coming up, leaves budding out, and birds singing makes one realize and believe in the resurrection more fully.
    I can see the crocus coming up. And the yearly harbinger of spring, the seed catalogs, have arrived. We always wonder how we can make our flowers look as pretty as those pictured in the catalog.
    We long for Spring, so we can be out in the sunshine and dig in the good earth.
    Here's wishing the best of everything to one and all for the coming season!

Mellie Smith

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