Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
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Old Homestead

    Recently I came upon a bit of history which was very interesting to me. It is about an old homestead, part of which my son owns. I also own and live on part of it.
    I was reading the legal papers of the land and learned it was homesteaded in 1854 by a Mr. Eastep. Names of owners over a period of time were listed and there was a copy signed in 1857 by James Buchanan, then president of the United States.
    Among those who had owned it were Eastep, Raynor, Gist, and Hawkins, who was my grandfather. He owned the land in 1877. My husband's parents purchased the farm in 1905 from George Engles, a school teacher. Eight years later I married. We lived on the farm some time and planted a maple tree 48 years ago which is still standing. And there is a pear tree planted some 50 years ago.
    There was an old log house which was torn down in the 1920's. Mr. Engels built a frame house around 1895 joining the log house. Recently the old house has been remodeled.
    I was there when the old paper was torn off the walls. Back in days long ago many folks papered their walls with newspapers. I found a Harrison Times, dated 1897, tacked on the wall.
    Although yellowed by age, the paper was well preserved. It was interesting to read happenings of those days. There was an article telling of a horse thief passing through our town.
    As I have said, old houses and old cemeteries are fascinating to me. I wonder if a book had been written of this old homestead, telling of births, deaths, and marriages. Also I wondered if some of the men who lived there had to go to the Civil War.
    Names of some of the old settlers of this community were Tye, Jones, Mitchell, Forney, Rains, Hunt, Hawkins, Lamb, Mysinger, Raynor, Brown, and many others. Some of their descendants live around here and I am sure many who read this article will remember them.
    Those old settlers didn't have many conveniences, but they were happy and had time to visit and help their neighbors.

Mellie Cole

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