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Christmas 1973

    When Christmas comes and bells ring, our hearts want to sing, "Hallelujah" to our King as the angels sang long ago.
    The lights telling this Holy Birth were so bright the shepherds were amazed and full of fear. The Wise Men, guided by a heavenly light, were led to the Holy Infant where they presented their priceless gifts.
    The bright December skies of today help one to understand that long ago brightness when this Gift of God was bestowed upon all mankind.
    Christmas means many things to us. The first thing is our church where we pay gratitude with prayers and songs. It has been years since my health has permitted me to attend these inspiring services, and I miss them so much. I watch services on television but something is lacking; I think it is sharing the joy with others.
    Of course we can all share, though some can't give as much as others. Children should not be forgotten, especially at Christmas. I knew one family whose mother would count the pieces of candy and then put equal amounts in each child's stocking. Sometimes she would wrap an orange in a package along with a small gift she often had made. Many children like these exist and I hope they are not neglected. Let us all remember a little Babe gave us Christmas.
    On my recent visit to the old home place, my brother said, "I have had my sister for a visit and took her places she wanted to go. This is all the Christmas I want." I thank you, brother, for those inspiring words. If I can have my close relatives here to share dinner with me, this will be my Christmas.
    Season's greetings to the column writers and readers.

Mellie Smith
December 1973

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