Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
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Community News

Rock Springs
    Becky Cole has quite an outstanding achievement. She has attended school for six years with perfect attendance. She received a certificate each year for her achievement. Becky will enter Junior High this fall.
    Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Martin of Harrison were dinner guests of his mother, Mrs. Evie Martin, last Sunday.
    Mr. and Mrs. Elgie Mathis of Lead Hill visited their friends, Luther and Mellie Smith, last Sunday afternoon.
    Berry and Bea Hunt of Berryville were supper guests of his sister, Mellie, and Luther Smith last Saturday. Also Mrs. Smith's daughter, June Campbell, and family of near Batavia.
    Mrs. James Ward and children of near Fayetteville spent a few days last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brad Rogers and grandmother, Mabel Hall. Her daughter, Karen, is spending the summer here and has employment at Dogpatch U.S.A.
    The Rogers had relatives from Kansas City and Arizona visiting last week.
    The Roy Lee Wilsons were here for a week from Strafford, Mo.
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson visited his brother George in south Harrison last Sunday. George's son, Darrell, was dismissed from the hospital on Sunday.
    A couple was here last Sunday from the Baptist Church of Batavia taking a religious census. Most all the residents of Rock Springs attend church each Sunday at some place.
    A lovely sight to see, at the Roy Lee Wilson place, are two Paul Scarlet rose bushes. They form an arch over the front gate, and there are over a thousand blooms on those two bushes.

Mellie Smith
August 1969

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