Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
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Boys School

Editor Times:
    In regard to the two little boys who were sent to the Industrial School for Boys, the boys who stole milk and groceries probably because they were hungry, and it being their first offense, Judge Villines did what he thought was best for them.
    I wonder if anyone tried to get them on a boys ranch--Shawnee Valley Ranch, for instance, or the boys ranch near Springfield. Perhaps the Shawnee Ranch was taxed to capacity.
    Why can't the people get together and furnish more buildings there? They bring boys here from other states. Why not keep in mind our own boys who need homes such as these?
    I wonder how many church members, preachers or others visited this particular family and invited them to Sunday School or church where they could be taught that stealing was wrong or saw to it whether they had food to eat?
    Are we not all guilty? Like the Levite who passed on the other side. Christ came to seek out and save such as these.
    Sometimes it seems those who steal, men who know better, "get by" with a reprimand, "Now just don't do that anymore," while two little boys are sent away to be among problem boys.
    Let's search ourselves and see if we are not failing somewhere in our duty to others.

Mellie Smith
September 22, 1967

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