Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
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Books and Keepsakes

    I enjoyed Mrs. Ganzer's article on wild flowers and keepsakes. She spoke of an old Bible. I have many old books as well as many new books.
    We have a five-foot walnut antique bookcase packed full of books. The other day I sat down on the floor to dust the shelves and got so interested in looking over the old books that only one shelf ever was dusted. I sat for hours.
    I found one book printed in 1847. Some in 1885. I have a cook book, "The Home Queen," printed in 1893. There are 2000 recipes on cooking, household economy, table etiquette, etc. Also I found a recipe for a Biblical Cake.
    We have three original copies of McGuffey's Readers, books I studied in my school days; nine books of four-minute essays; and seven volumes of the "Book of Life," autographed by Robert Collier. There is an old song book, using the common and long meter used by a Methodist Episcopal Church in 1846. I have a copy of "Lena Rivers" by Mary J. Holmes.
    I have gained much enjoyment by reading these old books.
    Mrs. Ganzer writing of wild flowers and herbs prompted me to read from "Dr. Gunn's Family Physician." It is a book of 1230 pages. From page 790 to 986 is about medical flora, all kinds of plants and herbs. It gives the medicinal qualities of each and recipes for making these herbs into medicine for all kinds of ailments.
    Speaking of keepsakes, I have two lovely cake plates, one made in Prussia, the other in Bavaria. I also have old picture frames. A couple came the other day expressing a wish to buy them. They are not for sale.
    I have a teapot over 100 years old. It has a bit of interesting history. Just west of Kansas City, over in Kansas, is a Shawnee Mission where my husband's Grandfather Peery taught school. He also was a circuit rider. In that mission is a solid walnut antique "secretary" which belonged to the grandfather. It was given to the mission by my husband.
    Life is wonderful these Indian summer days. They really give one a zest for living. Every day should be Thanksgiving Day for the many blessings we receive. Thankfulness is an attitude of mind.
    Let's do a good deed each day. Remember a cheery smile and a cheery good morning can make one's day brighter and lift one's spirits.
    Let's visit the old folks more often--or should I say "senior citizens"? Longer life is the rule now, rather than the exception. The most wholesome people in the world are the grandfathers and grandmothers.
    I read an article on "How To Live to 100 Years." One paragraph said, "Keep the mind cheerful--play and laugh as much as you can--work at your life by the day not by the job--be satisfied with each day's results."
    One old fellow 101 was asked to what he attributed his long life. He replied he had been taking vitamin pills since he was 99.

Mellie Peery
December 1, 1962

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