Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
Copyright © 2001, Michael S. Cole, M.D.

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Flowers and Roosters

    We have been enjoying the reports in the "Waste Basket." Truly these Ozarks are one garden spot. These fine rains have made gardens and flowers grow so beautifully.
    Roses didn't do so well--too much rain. But other flowers are pretty now. Four o'clocks are especially pretty. The frangrance of them takes me back to my childhood.
    As to someone writing a novel now of the Ozarks, I don't think one can improve on the books of the pioneer people.
    I enjoy the letters to the "Waste Basket." I would like to see "Little Ozarks," home of Amon Fortner. I have been to Pomona.
    I have some beads made of Job's tears, I think, sent to me by Mr. Burger. Also I received a copy of Hillbilly Ann's mazagine. It was very interesting.
    I'd like to tell you about our dog and rooster. "Pooch," our dog, and "Berry," the rooster, fight like two roosters. Pooch doesn't dare turn his back or Berry jumps on him. They stand and look at each other for a minute, then Berry spurs him and sometimes Pooch grabs him by the neck. Then I have to interfere.
    I'm wondering if I could hear from someone who has the old fashioned everlasting yeast.

Mellie Cole
Spring 1950

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