Footprints clear

    Because of some unanswerable questions in 1985, many scientists working in the Paluxy River area were honest enough to admit they were having doubts whether the footprints found among dinosaur tracks were human. Newer evidence is compelling and most creationists are retracting earlier statements of doubt, including authorities at the Institute for Creation Research.
    I saw perfectly formed humanoid footprints in the limestone riverbed showing every detail, clearing including depressions of a big toe and four little toes. Even a child can easily recognize these as human. They don't "resemble" human footprints; they are exact impressions as would be left by someone walking barefoot across newly poured concrete. Series of steps show a definite left-right pattern. Many of these were found below tons of rock, before hundreds of witnesses.
    Many, but not all, are much larger than the average foot size of modern man. Obviously, weathering destroys the fine detail, but they do not turn into dinosaur tracks. Mathematical formulas independently developed to predict the proper proportions for a human foot have shown that the Paluxy prints consistently fit within the pattern to be expected. Forensic experts from a Dallas-Fort Worth crime lab declared unweathered prints are undoubtedly human.
    I expect that many will continue to scorn, ridicule, and ignore the discoveries at the Paluxy River. However, I have become convinced that the quantity and quality of evidence refutes most currently held theories of Evolution.

Michael S. Cole, M.D.
13 November 1988
Southwest Times Record