For school paddling

    The letter from Joe Barnes printed in the Oct. 31 issue of this newspaper claims that violence in the schools is a direct result of corporal punishment of children at school. He believes that using a paddle teaches children "nothing but hatred and resentment against authority."
    I had my share of paddlings at school as I was growing up. Never did I think of this as violence directed toward me. Nor did I ever learn hatred or resentment toward the one doing the punishment.
    What I did learn was that punishment is sometimes a part of discipline. I learned that those in authority over me deserve my respect. I learned that when my behavior is unacceptable I will suffer the consequences.
    Abolishing corporal punishment in the public schools will not improve the students any more than abolishing prayer and Bible reading have improved them.

Michael S. Cole, M.D.
5 November 1992
Southwest Times Record