Origin of man

    There are scientists in this country who are doing us all a great disservice, having forgotten the purpose of science is to discover truth. When evidence emerges that is contradictory to present scientific beliefs then the facts are kept from the general population.
    I just returned from the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas. I witnessed for myself the undeniable evidence that is being accumulated there demonstrating that trilobites, dinosaurs, and humans all lived at the same time. Since this evidence does not fit present evolutionary bias, the developments there are ignored or ridiculed.
    One reason that mainline scientists are committed to keeping this information from the public is that it upsets their sacred geologic timetable. After seeing for myself the human footprints among the dinosaur footprints and the excavated human remains and dinosaur remains, I am convinced that the fiction of the geologic timetable with its millions of years should be removed from all reference books and textbooks.
    In a free society, we cannot tolerate deception from any established organization. We should demand that our scientists responsibly search for the truth regardless of what implications the discoveries may mean.
    Did you know that our government withholds funding from any excavation site that will not further evolution? We will benefit only from discovering the truth. Evolution is a lie. We must abandon this godless fairy tale or continue to be the helpless victim of lies and the consequences thereof.

Michael S. Cole, M.D.
28 October 1988
Southwest Times Record