Living sensibly

    On Oct. 4 a letter to the editor noted how worse off America is now than when the U.S. constitution was written. The letter stated, "America today is a land of greed, callousness, self-gratification and just plain laziness, where people seem to care more about themselves than about others."
    Now how did America get this way? Was it from following Christianity or godless humanism? Indeed, America did not deteriorate by men following God's principles. Americans have too long followed the advice of humanists who deny the existence of God and therefore any personal responsibility to Him.
    A letter appearing Oct. 3 from a humanist was trying to minimize the difference between the humanist and the Christian philosopies. He wrote, "We both live our lives according to the way that makes the most sense to us."
    I must point out that many Americans live according to God's word whether it makes any sense to them or not. I expect my own children to do as I say even when it makes no sense to them. God surely expects the same of us.
    The great problem with humanism is that it elevates man to the position of being capable of perfectly determining how to live without reference to any standard from the Creator of us all. In this sense they choose to worship and serve the creature rather than the Creator. This is what has been known as paganism for thousands of years.
    I do not want my neighbors or any Americans to live the way that makes the most sense to them. Go ask those in jail if what put them there made sense to them at the time of the crime. We must realize that only by following the divine instructions from the Ruler of the universe will we have the kind of world we seek.
    If God does not exist, then nothing really matters. If God does exist, then nothing else really matters.

Michael S. Cole, M.D.
9 October 1987
Southwest Times Record