Need for escape

    A common problem among those searching for solutions is the tendency to combat symptoms rather than the real problems. Symptoms certainly need to be treated, but not until the real problems are found will genuine solutions be forthcoming.
    While the presently called "war" on drugs is attacking the availability of the supply, it seems practically nothing is being done to eliminate the demand. After all illegal cocaine is destroyed, the market for legal or illegal chemical substances will merely shift to some other product that is more available. The substance abuser will always be able to find something that will give him his unnatural escape from real life.
    The real problem of drug abuse is at the level of the individual. It seems to stem from a lack of self-respect and self-discipline. I do not know what will solve the real issues that are at the root of the problem. But the present war on drugs is doomed to fail because it is only attacking the symptoms.

Michael S. Cole, M.D.
23 September 1989
Southwest Times Record