Evolution an assumption

    Nothing has yet been confirmed about any of the assumptions upon which Evolution is based. Any concept based on an assumption cannot be considered "proven" and can never be anything more than an assumption itself.

    Scientists have tried for centuries to produce something living from something nonliving. Louis Pasteur was sure he had laid to rest the theory of "spontaneous generation" in 1859 when he proved to all intelligent people that life only comes from preexisting life.

    In spite of much wishful thinking, not a single fossil has been discovered to provide evidence that one kind of animal evolved into another kind of animal. Shouldn't scientific theories be based on the actual presence of evidence, rather than on the absence of evidence?

    Darwinian myths are perhaps the greatest deceit in the history of science. It is a great misfortune that entire branches of science have become addicted to a false theory.

    All open-minded people who take the time to investigate will soon be impressed with the mountains of evidence against Evolution. People deserve to hear the truth.

Michael S. Cole, M.D.
17 September 2002
Southwest Times Record