Because it's wrong

    If the principle of sexual abstinence outside of marriage were followed, there would be no sexually transmitted diseases. There would be no AIDS epidemic.
    Society is being dealt a great disservice by leaders in government, media, and the press. Too many are saying abstain from indiscriminate sexual activity because you might catch AIDS and die. Obviously, if a cure for AIDS is found, the stand on abstinence will no longer be advocated. Then the faulty reason against promiscuity will no longer be valid.
    We should be teaching society that sex outside of marriage is wrong. The Bible says that such sexual activity is a sin against one's own body and against God.
    We were already provided the slogan "Just say 'No'" in Titus 2:12 (NIV). Taken in context it explains why.

Michael S. Cole, M.D.
2 August 1988
Southwest Times Record