Fight for life

    Many have warned that as abortion became more acceptable by a greater percentage of society that this would lead to less respect for other stages of human life. Frighteningly, society is becoming more tolerant of euthanasia.
    Those who argue that a person has a right to die, confuse the word freedom with right. Our Declaration of Independence insists we have the right to life. This being a God-given right, no person has the right to take it away. We can logically reason we have the moral responsibility to preserve life. The opposite, therefore, must be immoral.
    If one has the right to die, then reason would show that suicide becomes moral rather than immoral. And if that be true, then the government should allow, possibly at public expense, painless and certain suicide clinics for those desiring to exercise their so-called right to die. Wouldn't this concept then evolve to allow someone else to fulfill your "right" when you are felt to be no longer capable of functioning normally in the exercise of that right?
    For a physician to participate in euthansia appears to me to be one of the greatest evils that today's world has allowed. The physician by his very nature should be assisting God as healer, not serving Satan as executioner. Physicians are to relieve suffering, not necessarily totally eliminate it.
    The present trend toward giving consideration to death as acceptable "treatment" for certain situations should alarm every reasoning American. We must fight this now as if our very lives depend on it, or someday we could be killed for the "good" of society.

Michael S. Cole, M.D.
14 June 1990
Southwest Times Record