Here for a purpose

    I feel obligated to respond to a recent letter in this column which claimed that the second law of thermodynamics has nothing to do with evolution.
    The second law of thermodynamics states that the total amount of entropy in nature is increasing. Entropy is a measure of the lost usefulness of a system. More simply put, the second law states that everything is tending toward a state of greater disorganization or greater randomness.
    The noted evolutionist Isaac Asimov stated in "Science Digest," May 1973, p. 76, "as far as we know, all changes are in the direction of increasing entropy, of increasing disorder, of increasing randomness, of running down."
    There are no known violations of the laws of thermodynamics. The laws apply to every branch of science. While many texts will claim that the second law applies only to closed systems, "Chemical and Engineering News," 7 Jul 1980, p. 40, states, "the second law applies equally well to open systems."
    In Isaac Asimov's book "Life and Energy," 1962, p. 58, he wrote, "...we can take it for granted that, in the real world about us entropy always increases." Since this is one of the most secure principles that man has discovered from scientific studies, it is clearly apparent that those scientists, including Dr. Asimov, who believe that chaotic disorder changed by natural processes into the highly organized world about us, not only deny the Word of God, but are in conflict with the best proved laws of science.
    I do not trust those who tell me that natural processes can explain the Big Bang, spontaneous generation of life from non-life, and evolution of higher life from lower life forms. These are areas of science fiction, since they are filled with speculation, some of which is in obvious violation of the uncompromising laws of thermodynamics. Evolution is plainly impossible as it requires exactly the opposite of what the second law of thermodynamics states is actually happening in nature.
    There are only two alternatives to explaining the existence of life. Either man was created and placed here with a purpose or we are merely an accident in time and space. I prefer to live with a purpose. There are many scientific truths which are in conflict with evolutionary thought, but there are no scientific truths in conflict with the Bible. It is easier for me to believe in a supernatural Creation than to believe the science fiction of evolution.

Michael S. Cole, M.D.
20 May 1988
Southwest Times Record