Circling the truth

    The editorial, "A 'New' Galaxy," in the 20 April edition of this paper claims the Big Bang "gave birth to the entire universe." This is nonsense. Since you say "we laymen will watch and wonder," let me assure you that the secular humanistic scientists are not smarter than the rest of us.
    The explosion of the Big Bang would have propelled all the matter/energy of the cosmos out radially from its center. According to Newton's first law of motion, an object will continue in whatever state of motion it is in, unless acted upon by an external force. By the principle of conservation of angular momentum, none of it could ever have acquired any kind of curvilinear motion.
    Explosions produce disorder, not order. A primordial superexplosion of the nature of the Big Bang would undoubtedly have produced absolute chaos. How in the name of common sense and true science could this chaotic disorder have possibly generated the beautifully organized and complexly ordered universe in which we now exist?
    The only possible conclusion is that the universe was created by a power greater than the universe. It did not happen by accident as your editorial would have us believe. Without recognizing the purpose to this life, people will continue to be deceived by the godless views of modern science fiction leading us into greater social destruction. It is time to abandon the Big Bang theory and give credit to the Creator and admit our personal responsibility to Him. The reason this is not more widely accepted is psychological rather than scientific.

Michael S. Cole, M.D.
29 April 1988
Southwest Times Record