Real American dream

    Unfortunately for us all, too many believe that the "American Dream" is to own a house, which is charmingly referred to as a "home." This is a materialistic pursuit, in stark contrast to what our Revolutionary forefathers thought worthy of a citizen's greatest hopes.
    The single most important American dream has been that people can govern themselves and remain free. Our nation has been successful enough with this experiment that most inhabitants of the world have developed similar vision. For future generations to be born free, it is imperative that we rediscover the wisdom of William Penn, who said, "Men will either obey God or be ruled by tyrants."
    The Bible clearly teaches that the majority will ultimately abandon God's wisdom in favor of their own. Therefore, it is dangerous to follow the multitude because the majority is almost always on the wrong side in this world.
    If we are to remain free, we have no choice but to govern ourselves wisely, based on the decrees of our Creator. If we make our decisions based on what the majority teaches us to think, we are contributing to the destruction of the real American dream and our children will live in a land without freedom.

Michael S. Cole, M.D.
1 April 1993
Southwest Times Record