Parents, take steps

    Use of alcohol and other drugs by children in this country has reached staggering heights, and each year thousands of children continue to try them for the first time. Steps need to be taken to ensure that our children stay alcohol-free and drug-free.
    Parents and other adults also need to be aware of the important role they play in helping children make decisions about the use of alcohol and other drugs. Parents need to be good role models; they need to establish rights, rules and limits with their children; and they need to build strong bonds to family and school.
    The National PTA has been concerned with the problems related to alcohol and other drug use for many years. Over the years the National PTA has developed a number of programs and projects that can help keep today's children alcohol- and drug-free. But we can't do it alone.
    March 1-7, 1992, is National PTA Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness Week. We encourage all parents, educators and anyone interested in the welfare of children to call their PTA for more information on how they can help keep their community free from alcohol and other drugs.

Jeannie Cole
President, Euper Lane PTA
7 March 1992
Southwest Times Record