Time to quit

    Cigarettes are the only legal products that, when used as intended, cause death. Smoking will kill almost 400,000 Americans this year. Even before death, the consequences are far-reaching and expensive, resulting in a hidden tax of over $200 paid by every American.
    It should be frightening us that at least five million American children who are alive today will die prematurely because of smoking-related diseases.
    Why does our society continue to tolerate this filthy addiction?
    If you don't smoke, forbid cigarette use in your home and automobile.
    If you smoke, the influence of your example will cause the suffering and death of many other individuals. Stop putting off quitting this foolishness. Every pack you don't smoke will increase your life expectancy by 5 hours. Become smoke-free and begin presenting a proper and credible health message to your family and community.

Michael S. Cole, M.D.
8 January 1991
Southwest Times Record