Tourists on Vesuvius

      To the local Italians, Mount Vesuvius is known simply as Vesuvio (pronounced "vay-SUE-vee-oh").
      Since Vesuvius is the world's most famous volcano, tourists enjoy the adventure of walking up the mountain. The volcano gives one the sense of intimidation about its potential and awe for its hidden power. The people in the photo are examining some of the steam vents that are near the top of the inside rim of the crater, reminding us that this volcano is not extinct and maybe not dormant.
      Without special equipment it is not possible to go any deeper into the crater than what is shown in this photo. The sides in the crater are too steep and are covered with very small and loose igneous pebbles. (They look just like the lava rocks in a gas grill.) While we were living near Naples, an American sailor on shore leave, not realizing the danger, attempted to climb deeper into the crater. Injured and unable to climb back out, he did not survive till morning when a rescue crew finally reached him.

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