Box 54 Pinetamare Clinic
NAVHOSP Naples, Italy
FPO NY 09521-0701
26 April 1986

Dear brother Myers,

My wife and I very much appreciated your letter.

We are uncertain when we will be arriving in Millington. It will probably be around 20 August. We are looking forward to visiting with family and friends in Arkansas before checking in for duty.

Our children are Angelique, age 6, and Steven, age 4. We have been in Naples for three years this week.

The church here is very small, but quite active. We have had several baptisms in the past several months. I am presently teaching the adult Sunday school class. I "preach" about once a month. My wife, Jeannie, conducts a weekly ladies' Bible class in our home.

Both Jeannie and I have relatives who live in Memphis. We are reasonably well acquainted with the city. We have never been to Millington, however.

The church in Millington sounds very nice. We are looking forward to worshipping there as soon as we arrive.

If you have or know of anyone at church with a Commodore 64 or 128, I would love to send you a diskette with several Bible related programs that I have written. The best one is on the plan of salvation. Let me know. Your Sunday afternoon soul-winning classes made me think of it.

May I ask only one favor? We would like to open a checking account in Millington before we leave here. Would it be possible for you to stop by one of the banks and pick up the necessary forms for us to complete? We would appreciate this so much.

We look forward to meeting you. God bless you for writing.

In Him,

Michael S. Cole, M.D.

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