Tuesday, 31 December 1985

Dear Mom and Dad,

I really don't have much to tell about, but I need to answer your last letter.

I am enclosing an empty box to show what kind of typewriter ribbon I need. They are out of stock here and I very much need one. Please get them at Wal-Mart or other cheap place. This size is the most popular type. Please send three of them as soon as possible.

Yesterday, I mailed your package with the slides and the music box. I hope you like them.

decorating our Christmas tree - Dec 1985

Angelique decorating tree - Dec 1985 Steven decorating tree - Dec 1985

The kids had a really good time at Christmas. They got too many toys. We are trying to get rid of some of the old ones. Steven and Angelique really enjoy the Hot Wheels City. Angelique loves the Care Bears and ponies that you sent.

Steven and Angelique - 25 Dec 1985 Steven is beginning to read quite a bit. He can write pretty well when he tries. He still sits real quietly at meals and eats like a horse. Other times he talks your head off.

Both kids have grown a half inch since you were here. Angelique is 42 inches tall and Steven is 40 inches.

Angelique is about to cut her 6-year molars. She is starting to eat vegetables better. I continue to be amazed at her intelligence. She knows so much more than I did at the same age. She can figure out things by herself that I couldn't do till I was much older.

I am so glad my kids are more outgoing than I was. They will talk to anybody and get what they want without their parents' help. Also, they have a lot more self-confidence than I did and more self-esteem. They don't try to excel just to prove to someone else that they have worth or value.

We got the kids a Care Bear telephone set that is an intercom system. It is wired between their bedrooms. They really enjoy talking to each other with their doors closed. Angelique has said many times that this was her best Christmas present. The phones have rotary dials on them and even ring. We got this at Euromercato. Do you know if they have this in the States?

I finally made Jeannie a list of all my computer programs. I have literally thousands of programs which make up the 1200 programs on my list. It is much easier for me to find a certain program now, too. I made the list while I was making a similar list for Becky and all the programs I sent her (over 900). Hopefully, the Newberrys will appreciate the four days I spent copying programs and the half-day I spent writing them a long letter explaining several things about the programs.

Yesterday I wrote a letter to June asking whether Billy Joe or Rodney have a disk drive. I also wrote to Roy Lee to thank him for a sermon cassette tape that he sent.

I can't believe someone is building a house north of you. I guess I just never wanted to believe someone would put a house there. I'm not so stupid to think it was impossible though.

Do you have Uncle Charlie's address in Memphis? I guess our Christmas card was forwarded to him since we didn't get it back.

I am glad you didn't have any money in Guaranty Savings and Loan.

The Harrison Christmas parade sounded dull except for the fire. Do they still have a nice parade in Branson?

How in the world can you all be gone from home so much and still have 2 days of vacation left in mid-December?

I would not like my son getting a doll for a gift, but I don't mind him playing with Angelique's.

After getting your letter I looked at the Exchange on base to see if they had any slides of the Vatican. Occasionally they have things like that. Well, you were in luck. They had one set of the Vatican and only a couple sets of anything else.

I have a set of slides from Florence that I wouldn't mind loaning to you if I can keep one slide out. When Jeannie went to Florence on the last shopping trip I asked her to find me a slide of Botticelli's "Birth of Venus." She came back with a huge collection of slides. If you want them, I will send them, too. The only catch to it is that I want to be able to borrow them back at any time.

I have not yet had a chance to read the article about the Vatican in the National Geographic.

You may get another cuckoo clock now that you also wrote them a letter just before yours arrived. How do you like it?

Putting money in an oil well is like playing the stock market. It is only for the rich who can afford to gamble.

This mix up about your bank deposit book was fascinating. It would make a good movie. I can't believe the banks just handled it between themselves without calling you first.

I thought the new high school was going to be off the industrial park road. Why will it make the Capps Road traffic worse?

1986 -- this is the year we all go home!!!!!!!

Happy New Year,

Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, and Steven

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