Monday, 30 December 1985

Dear Roy Lee and Arlie,

I listened to a bit of your tape. I will play the entire sermons at what we call "tapes" here.

On Sunday nights the church meets in someone's home. We listen to a real sermon from a real preacher using cassette tapes. We don't have anyone here who has had any training in preaching. Afterwards we have a potluck supper. We meet at our house about once a month.

On Sunday mornings we meet in a basement that is owned by the Italian congregation. They have their worship service after ours. We do not return there for evening services because it is 15 to 20 miles away from most of our houses. Instead, we meet together in the community where most of us live. Counting the children we have about 30 American Christians here in Naples.

We baptized two families here this year plus converted the husband of another Christian. The new Christians here seem to grow spiritually much faster than in the States. I suspect it is because we have such a small group and put them to work out of necessity.

Without a missionary here since July, we have taken on more evangelistic responsibility. The above mentioned baptisms all occurred after he left. I think that we too often just take a preacher for granted, and expect all the personal work to be done by him.

Anyway, thanks so much for the sermon tape. It will serve as an encouragement to Christians half-way around the world (something I bet you didn't consider when you preached it). I appreciate that you thought of us and sent the tape.

We hope to see you in the coming year.



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