28 December 1985

Dear John, Faye, Jeremy, and Jason,

I so much enjoyed your letter. I am glad your computer arrived in good shape. Otherwise, I may never have heard from you.

We trust that you had a good Christmas. The kids so very much enjoyed the toys you sent. Steven is crazy about his robot dog. It will probably need a new battery every day for awhile. I hope you received the videotape of the kids by now. I am sure you did not need so much film of them, but it was a long tape.

Jeannie gave me a telescope for Christmas. I have always wanted one, but I am not sure when I will find the time I want to spend with it. It is a very good telescope, and I have very much to learn about how to use it. I feel a bit like I did about the computer when I first got it. (Lost.)

My parents sent "The Sound of Music" video tape to us for Christmas. We watched it tonight.

We were so happy to hear that your mother is doing so much better. We kept forgetting to ask. Faye did not mention it to us either. Are your parents enjoying living in Oklahoma City?

I hope you all had a nice time in Oklahoma City over the holiday. It must be fantastic to be with stateside relatives again. We are so eager to be in Arkansas next Christmas.

I sent five diskettes to your old Altus address before Thanksgiving. I hope they eventually found their way to your house. Please let me know if you still don't have them.

We hope that Jason and Jeremy received the package from Sears that we sent. Jeannie sent it to the address of your friend in San Antonio.

I finished copying 100 diskettes for my sister after four days. While I did it I made a list of my programs. It was about time, huh? Jeannie has been fussing at me for months to get her a list so she could find programs for the kids and her. I basically knew where all the programs were without a list. I couldn't believe the huge number of programs we have accumulated.

I am including the list compiled with DISK ARCHIVES on the disk with this letter.

I know it didn't take you long to figure out how to read this letter off the disk. Besides, I certainly saw no reason to print out my long, long list of programs. Also, I am trying to save my printer ribbon. They are not currently in stock at the Exchange.

On the back side of the disk is another copy of my "Bible Study Aid" just in case you have not yet received it. I missed having your advice when I wrote "Christian Living." That was indeed a difficult program to write. Please let me hear any comments you have about it.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I was so sorry that I was not home when you called.

We never drive past the Licola exit without wishing we could go visit you. When we drive by, the kids often mention that you don't live there any more.

We love you all,


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