Monday, 9 Sep 1985

Dear Mom and Dad,

I will probably get a letter from you tomorrow. I had better write a quick letter now or you won't get it before you leave for Europe.

Things here are going as well as usual for here. Beginning in October, I will have to spend every sixth night in the hospital. Jeannie and I are quite fed up with the prospect. We are tired of me not being home for supper. It has especially been worse since Angelique started to school. When I work the PM shift at the clinic, I don't see Angelique all day, except at breakfast. She is in bed when I get home.

Angelique seems to enjoy school very much. We specifically asked for Miss Angelo who is reportedly the toughest first grade teacher here. Angelique seems to like her just fine. There are five 1st grade classes here. There is no one else in the whole school named "Angelique."

Waiting for the school bus.
Angelique's first day of school - 26 Aug 1985

Angelique's first day of school - 26 Aug 1985
Angelique getting on the bus on her first day of school.

Steven is going three days a week to "Pony Palace" which is the replacement for Paddington. It is only two blocks from here, so he walks to school. He has Faye for a teacher again.

Angelique really enjoys riding the bus. The first day she almost chickened out just before the bus came. It stops right in front of our house. She rides the bus for about 20 minutes.

I finally got a car but I have no papers showing it is mine. I guess I was determined to beat the system. The Italian police still have not closed the case to permit me to legally purchase another car.

The car is a 2-door, white, 1979 Ford Fiesta. Saturday I washed and waxed it and cleaned the inside. It looks pretty good. My VW was better.

Steven's birthday package has arrived.

John Sigle got back from Germany last week. I spent the following morning with him. He bought a printer for his computer while he was in Germany. We spent 3 hours trying it out. It is almost exactly like mine.

A couple of Sundays ago we baptized a Korean girl in our bathtub. She is married to an American serviceman here. She had been studying a Bible correspondence course. We knew nothing of her until she found us and asked to be baptized. We hope to convert her husband soon.

I preached yesterday on "Aflame With Passion." I was told it was my best sermon yet. You never know how much to believe. It helps to be a doctor; I can preach on subjects that everyone else is too embarrassed to talk about.

We had tapes at our house last night. We listened to the first one of J.C.'s. He was better than we expected.

Angelique is taking a bath without any help now days. She is even washing her own hair.

Steven is still trying to stop sucking his thumb.

I am not driving the new car any more than I absolutely have to. I don't have insurance on it yet.

I am still not certain exactly what day you are arriving (and leaving). I will (or can) be off the first ten days of October. If you don't come until the second, I will work the first. We want you to come the first. Please let me know. (I know I asked for this in the last letter. I will no doubt get an answer this week.)

Is preparing for this trip as hectic as the first?

This is not a very long letter but I haven't much to say.

I talked to my detailer in Washington last week. He said there should be no problem with me going to Memphis. He has penciled me into that slot. He was not very encouraging about when I could leave here. He said it could be July. I do not want to be in Memphis for less than a year. They cannot legally hold me beyond 7 April 1987.

I hope this letter reaches you before you reach us. We do look forward to your coming.


Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, and Steven

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