Tuesday, 6 Aug 1985

Dear Mom and Dad,

I got a letter from you yesterday. It only took a week to get here. I really don't have much to tell you since I talked to you on the phone Saturday.

Angelique's birthday cake - 2 Aug 1985 Angelique's birthday party - 2 Aug 1985
Angelique turned 6 years old on Friday, 2 August.

Jeannie tried to find you a charter flight on 10 October, but there are none going to Frankfurt.

This is the third attempt to write you a letter this morning. If the electricity will stay on I might finish this time.

We are having trouble with our gas dryer. It will run a few minutes, then it will stop and won't start again for 10 to 15 minutes. I have tried changing the voltage without success. Any ideas?

Jeannie and the kids are on their way to the pool. The kids are in their third week of classes. Angelique graduated from the Beginners' I class last week. She can swim the width of the pool by herself. She has even jumped off the diving board. She is really proud of herself. Steven does less this year than he did last year. We think it is because of his teacher. Steven's class starts at 11 and Angelique's at 11:30. It is a real hassle with only one car. They go every day.

It has gotten much cooler here since it sprinkled last Thursday. There is a pleasant breeze, too.

I enjoyed the picture of Daddy in his dress uniform. I showed it off at the clinic.

When are you moving to town? I agree it MIGHT be a good idea. You better consider all the benefits and disadvantages. I thought you liked being away from neighbors. Talk to people like George and Mary who have moved to town and to Johnny Saxon who moved away from town.

You wouldn't have to sell your present land. Rent it. Don't move any time soon, though. It is unlikely that I will ever live in Harrison again. I will have to go wherever they need a doctor.

You should have told the cop in Huntsville that you have been given driving lessons in Naples. There is a bumper sticker here now that says, "Graduate of the Naples School of Creative Driving."

Did they bury the telephone cable all the way to the house? Or just down the road?

Well the electricity went off again, so I have to rewrite what I just wrote. Every once in a while I save what I have written in case the power goes off. That way I don't have to rewrite the whole letter every time. I can't remember everything I just finished writing.

On Sunday night I changed this program that I type letters with. It used to be two ugly colors of gray when it started. Now it is red and blue when it starts. I like it much better. I think it must have been written that way in case you have a black and white T.V. This was the first time I have been able to change a machine language program that way. I am sure there aren't a dozen people in Naples that could have done that. I have known how to change BASIC programs ever since I got the computer. Machine language is still like Greek to me, but I am learning.

Well, the electricity just went off again for a few minutes. I had only written one paragraph past the last one. One time while working on a sermon, the power went off in the middle of saving it. I lost half of what had already been saved before.

I hope I can finish this today before I have to go to work.

Did David Campbell's wife come with him? Where do they live? Does he like his job?

Our grandfather clock is inlaid wood. It chimes every 15 minutes. It has Westminster chimes just like Big Ben in London. It is standing beside the front door.

Capri was just the same. We found some cheaper restaurants though.

The Caserta market is similar to "shoe alley" in Naples.

I knew nothing about the Father's Day contest that Angelique entered until the day we left for London. Angelique dictated what she wanted to say and Jeannie wrote it down. Later Angelique copied the words. There was one sentence that Jeannie vetoed. Angelique wanted to say her father made lots of money.

      My dad is the
      greatest because
      he works so
      hard making sick
      people well. He
      plays games
      with me. He
      lets me play
      on the computer.
      He takes me
      places. He loves
      us. I love him
      very much.

We still want a videotaped musical for Christmas. We only have "Camelot." I recently ordered "Singin' in the Rain." We would like to have "Lost Horizon," "Sound of Music," "My Fair Lady," "Brigadoon," "South Pacific," in that order. Or any other big name musical that you can find. I know it is not easy to find them.

Otherwise, how about a ticket to the U.S. and away from this place? (I have had a bad attitude since my car was stolen.)

I am sorry you had to pay postage due on my last letter. I don't remember it being so big.

Where are you going to in Florida? This is going to be a busy fall away from Harrison. There are folks in Boone County that have never been out of the county. You are going all over the world.

I need to go figure out what to fix for lunch. Besides I have about run out of anything to write about.

Come see us ASAP.


Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, and Steven

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