Mon Afternoon
22 July 85

Dear Diane,

Did you survive? Recuperate? We sure enjoyed having you here. In fact, things started falling apart here almost the minute you left.

It started the night you left. After your plane took off, we walked back out to the parking lot toward the car - only it was not there! The whole row of cars that were there were missing. There was one little "no parking" sign at the beginning of that row. Michael had parked at the far end of that row. So after a trip to the polizia station at the airport and paying about $21.00, a man took Michael to get his car at the garage where it had been towed. This all took about 25 minutes. We got home about 10:00 pm.

The next day (Friday) I cleaned house and Michael went to work. About 2:00 pm he called and asked me to come get him because his Volkswagen had been stolen. The only thing left was his door handle. We have to wait 6 weeks before we can buy another car in case the Volkswagen is recovered by the police. There is little chance of that. I'm sure it is long gone. This is the 1st car that has been stolen from the clinic. I'm surprised anyone would want a '76 Volkswagen. Since then, a couple of other cars have been broken into for radios and such. I guess it is all the summer beach traffic causing all the problems.

We're having problems adjusting to being a one car family - especially since swim classes started today. Ann can take us some times and there will be no problem when Michael is working from 2 pm - 8 pm. I'll have to find other rides on the other days. That's frustrating. I hate going every day for 4 weeks. I'm tempted to cut it back to just 2 weeks. I'm not real wild about the way the classes went today anyway. They have Steven in the Pre-beginner class and Angelique in the Beginner I class. Neither one of them was wanting to put out for their teenage teachers. Maybe that will get better in a few days.

Saturday after you left, our commode lid broke off for good upstairs. Michael has it gerry-rigged on somehow, but without the top cover - only the seat.

Steven just crawled up into my lap and wanted to write something to you. The enclosed is the best paper I've seen him do. He wrote the letters at the top. I only showed him where to place them. He then proceeded to draw the people, fish & flower and told me exactly what to write beside them. Now I can't get him to do any more for me on another piece of paper. He only wanted to do it for his Aunt Diane.

I'm going to put Steven in the four-year-old class this year at school. The DOD cut off date for age is 31 December. So he belongs in the 4-yr.-old class here. Actually I would put him in the 3-yr.-old class here except I don't like the gal who will be teaching the 3-year-old class. Faye Sigle teaches the 4-yr.-old class so I know he will be fine in there.

Who knows what we'll get for a 1st grade teacher. I'm not even going to worry about that yet. That can wait till swim classes are over.

It has really gotten hot & muggy. It may be making it up to 90F each day. It's the humidity that makes it unbearable. Carney Park Pool is our best air conditioner right now. The only problem is going in at 11:00 AM doesn't give me much time to get anything done before class - and staying until 2:00 pm for our ride doesn't give much time to get things done after class. Therefore everything will just have to wait till after classes are over.

Michael & I are planning to go to Rome for a few nights for our 10-year anniversary. Our plans are not definite yet.

24 July

Not a lot has happened the last 2 days. Swim classes have improved a little. Plenty of people say they won't mind giving me rides to the pool, but it is already getting old to us to adjust to someone else's schedule.

We're planning a block party Sunday night for everyone on our little street. We're inviting the landlords, too. That should add some interest to the party. There are a lot of different types of people on this street. It should prove interesting.

The new doctor whom we are sponsoring came in today on the plane. She seems OK so far. It is hard to tell on the first day. She was so sleepy.

We really enjoyed your being here. We remember it fondly. Yes, we were tired, but it was a happy tired. Are things a blur to you now? Did your pictures turn out well? Have the things we mailed arrived yet? In one piece? I would be interested in hearing what you think about your trip now that you are back home. I bet it was nice to get back to your own beds. I imagine Chocolate was excited to see you.

I've gotta run. I hope you can find time before school starts to write.

Mother wrote something in her last letter about being depressed. Do you know what's going on?



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