Thur. Night
13 June 1985

Dear Mom & Dad,

One last request before we leave, can you get us the sandals for the kids that you sent last year? I believe you got them at Walmart. They had multicolored elastic straps that the kids could put on themselves. I believe Steven needs about an 8 1/2. Angelique needs about a 10. Anyway I am enclosing "footprints." Maybe they will help. Steven kept giggling & wiggling so his may not be too accurate. He has a wide foot. Can you send them 1st class/Priority Mail? It is summer here already & my kids are still wearing shoes that have to have socks.

Thanks a lot.

I pick up our tickets tomorrow (Friday). We leave Saturday for London, then Glascow on Monday. I return Sunday with the kids. I hope Glascow will be relaxing. I'm exhausted with all this Spring cleaning, trimming hedges, cleaning out garage, etc.



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