30 May 85
Thur Afternoon

Dear Travelers,

This will have to be a rush letter to get to you before you leave. Thanks for the detailed Itinerary. That makes us feel better. Also a big thanks for the "interest inventory" response. That will help a tremendous amount. We are not as experienced in guiding tours as Globus Gateway, but we'll give it a try.

On Monday night, 24 June, please give us a call from Rome to let us know what hotel you are in & phone number. Then you will need to call again to let us know when & where to pick you up. Are you going to be brave and take the train down? That wasn't clear from your letter. I will come get you if you'd rather. 081-867-7747

  1. I'm glad you're interested in the Sorrento cruise. You gave this a "1" rating. It will be a whole day. "The ship holds 400 people complete with deck for sunning & 6 showers. ... The ship will sail to the Faraglioni Rocks at Capri for a swim, then on to the Le Galli Islands for a light lunch. Then to Positano for shopping, sunning, swimming, etc. Return to Sorrento in the evening." Quoted from our Med Wives Newsletter. Cost is 24,000 each ($12.00). Lunch is 15,000 ($7.50). I have made 4 tentative reservations for us on this cruise.
  2. Euromercato (1) (~K-Mart), Famolare Shoe Store (1) & the Crystal Factory (2) are all on the same street and can be done in one trip. 4-5 hrs. maximum.
  3. Pompei (1) & Mt. Vesuvius (1) can be done in a day on same trip & also the Cameo factories (2).
  4. Capri will be a whole day trip (1).
  5. Sorrento (1), Amalfi Coast Drive (1) & Vietri (2) can be done in a day. Yes you can get motion sickness on the Coast Drive. We may just do a small section of it.
  6. Afsouth Beach (3) is the NATO military beach. We will probably do this on the 27th - the day after you get here. We can let you rest (1++++) while soaking in the scenery and atmosphere of an Italian beach.
  7. (In case you haven't figured this out, I'm trying to count out days. We haven't sat down and made out an itinerary yet. The numbers in parenthesis are the ratings you gave on the inventory.)

  8. The National Museum (1) is very interesting. We can be finished by lunch. Have lunch in the Vomero (3) (expensive shopping area) and perhaps look around.
  9. We'll probably go to Bagnoli Joe's (1) (best pizza) some Sunday after church. It is just a few blocks from the church building and we are frequent patrons there for Sunday lunch.
  10. ? - I will show you the Abruzzi bedspreads in our Navy Exchange. If you are interested, then we can drive the 1 1/2 hour drive to the factory (2) where there will be a huge selection and perhaps come back through Basket City (3). This is just a small village that has many kinds of baskets in several shops.
  11. I would like to take you to one market - probably Shoe Alley (2). Looking at your schedules in England and Europe, it doesn't look like you will have much time for shopping. Markets are fun! If you've seen plenty by the time you get here, then we'll skip this.
  12. Paestum (1) (Greek ruins) - 2 hours away - would be a whole day trip. Nice if you like ruins.
  13. U.S. Navy Base (1), Hospital (1) & Solfatara (3) mud volcano are all right together. We will try to get you 2-week visitor passes to the base.
  14. As you can see, your days here will be busy. Some days we will be finished by 2-4 pm and can rest when we get home. Other days we will be out until supper or bedtime. (You can rest in Arkansas.) A day or 2 I may send you with Michael and I'll take the kids to Carney Park, Zoo or elsewhere.

    One concern I have is our car. It holds 5 people comfortably. I'm not sure how we will handle 7 people. We'll work that out.

    As you can see from the enclosure, Kaopectate does come in tablet form.

  15. We could go to the catacombs in Naples on Saturday and then go to the Kitchen shop afterward. The Kitchen shop has all kinds of Italian & other European cooking gadgets for home or restaurant use. Large pasta pans, good knives, serving pieces, etc.

I will go to the American Express Travel Agency tomorrow and book that charter flight for you and then mail this letter with all that information on that flight. If they require a deposit, I suppose I will go ahead and pay it.

June 1

I just left Am Ex office. The charter flight will go Thursday, July 11 from Naples to Gatwick 8:00 pm. A 10:00 pm flight will also go if there is sufficient need. Cost total is 697,500 or ~$350.00. Laura gets only a 10% discount. They require full payment upon reservation. I will probably call you this weekend to discuss this. I suggest waiting till you get to London for me to cancel your other reservation with British Airways and making the charter flight reservation then when we know for sure you've made it to Europe. The payment is NOT refundable.

With United on strike in London, who knows what else could happen between now and then ... We'll get you home one way or another.

Gotta get this in the mail.



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