9 May 1985
Thursday Night

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well, we got back home. We had a good time on our trip. Michael wrote a detailed account of our trip on the computer to his parents. He reprinted it for me to send to Diane, then I told him to print it out again so I could send it to you. That's why it is addressed to Diane. I sent her a letter yesterday. I finally got a letter from her. She had lots of questions.

Friday Night

I didn't get much written last night. I came down with a small stomach virus. I sent both the kids to school this morning and I went back to bed. I got up feeling better. Michael is working at the hospital all night tonight. I'm glad I'm feeling better. Angelique helped me with the dishes tonight. She is beginning to be more help than hindrance when she helps. She really likes to dust & polish furniture - only it is not real important to her to clean every spot. I'm including some of her homework papers.

Thanks for the books & money. The kids were excited about their dollar bills. They both have about $6 or $7 now and they think they are so rich. We really liked the book of Hugs. Michael hasn't had a chance to look at his yet.

Hi Granny Lee

Has Lanney started his house yet? When will it be finished? Is he planning on staying with Rockwell the rest of his career? I'm not surprised Kem is not pleased with Walmart. That doesn't sound like easy or very rewarding work. I haven't heard from either one of them since they had their boys. I don't think we've ever had a letter from Rex & Barbara. Surely Alan at least knows how to write a letter.

I trimmed my chrysanthemum plants the other day and just stuck the cut-off parts into the ground. I don't know if they will grow or not. We planted some petunias a few weeks back. Four of our 6 tulips we planted last fall came up. Why do some of them not come up? We were gone while they were so pretty. We saw lots of beautiful flowers in Switzerland and France. We were just 5 hours from Phil & Susan Krumrei's house in Holland, but they are in the States right now for 3 months. We wanted to see Holland when all the tulips were blooming.

We may drive to Sicily over Memorial Day holiday. Michael will have 4 days off. Then again, we may be too sick of car trips. Angelique got car sick 3 times on our trip. She's real good about getting it all into a plastic bag. Traveling doesn't seem to bother Steven at all. I remember how Angelique feels. I can remember getting sick quite a bit when I was little.

Mon, 14 May

This letter sure is written in bits and pieces. Steven was sick with a virus Saturday. Michael had it Sunday & still feels bad some today. Saturday I painted a house shadow box for Angelique's room and an airplane shadow box for Steven's room. I painted them white. That's the only color of paint we had. Italians make awful paint.

I hope you had a nice Mother's day. Did you get my package? Angelique gave me some small ceramic Capodimonte flowers. Steven gave me a Sorrento inlaid wood card box and some flowers he made at school. He was very proud of them.

That's about all I know. Michael is about to go to work so I'd better get this ready to mail.



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