Wed Afternoon
10 Apr 1985

Angelique's Easter dress - 7 Apr 1985

Dear Diane,

I knew when I asked my kind, efficient sister to send ribbon soon that she would have it in the mail within 2 or 3 days probably, unless something major was going on. Little did I know she would have it in the mail within the HOUR! That certainly is going above and beyond the call of duty! I very much appreciate it. I had the dress finished a couple of weeks before Easter. It is pretty. It turned out very nice. Thank you, again!

I know it has been my turn to write, but I thought I understood from your short note with the ribbon that you were sending a letter with more questions. I have been waiting on that letter, but I haven't received one yet. It will probably come tomorrow.

I must be crazy. I bought more material today. This time for me. I bought a blue calico print to make me a sun dress, sort of. I thought it would be good for touring. I need to find some white to make a short sleeve jacket to go over it. I'd love to find some white that had an eyelet border on one end to be the bottom edge of the jacket, but I'm sure that will be impossible to get here. Oh, well, I guess I'd better get the dress made first. The pattern is Simplicity #5935. That's probably out of date, too.

Well, I had my "colors" done by Color Connection. I was not overly impressed with this gal. She could not decide what season I was until she tried a silver drape and a gold drape on me ... the very last thing to try. She was debating between Spring and Summer. I asked her to do her thinking out loud, but she didn't do it very well. She finally decided undoubtedly I was a Spring since I looked better in gold than the silver. Now, I agreed that the silver did give me a gray cast and the gold looked fine on me. But just because I don't look good in silver, does that mean I can't wear the pretty mauves, pinks, etc., that I love?? (I'm still wearing them.) Now, Springs wear fire engine red, navy blue, denim blue, peach, light blue that I do like and have always worn, but most of the colors in the swatches she gave me (they do differ from Color Me Beautiful colors for Spring) are colors I do not like - a lot of neutrals, several greens, etc. So instead of making me feel more confident & beautiful, I feel less confident and ugly & CONFUSED! I did read an article in a magazine by a writer who had been to 4 different color consultants and had been told she was 3 different seasons! What confusion. Do you have any words of wisdom on this subject?

We're trying to get ready for our trip April 23 - May 6?. We're going up thru Milan through Switzerland, western edge of Germany into France at Strasbourg, maybe up to Luxemburg, then to Paris for 3 or 4 days, south through France to the Riviera, over to Monacco, up to Turin and then back home. I'm not sure our family car can handle a car trip for that long of a time. We don't speak French at all. I have reservations about this trip. But I'm ready to go. Michael wants to drive till we get tired & then find a hotel. I like to have reservations & know I have somewhere to lay my head for the night.

This is a small world. Guess who our guests were last week - Dr. & Mrs. Ken Davis ("Uncle Bud") and Coach & Mrs. Karle Bailey from Harding. They came in on the train from Florence Wednesday night around 9:00 pm. We visited until midnight. Then Thursday I took them to Sorrento to shop for inlaid wood. They bought a lot. Then I left them at the ferry to take them to Capri about 2:30 pm. We had a good visit. You know what - they are just normal human beings, too. It was strange to see Uncle Bud in a situation where he was not totally in control ... and where I was!

Karle Bailey's wife, Marcella, is a secretary in the Business Building where Mother works. She was so excited about spending the night in Velma's daughter's house. Mother had told her to look me up if she went to Naples, but she had no idea that Jeannie Cole was Velma's daughter. She was really nice.

A friend of Michael's family from Harrison has a boy attending Harding's branch school in Florence this semester. He had called asking to spend the night with us last week - Friday night. And he and his friend did. Michael showed them around Thursday & Saturday. That's how Uncle Bud found out we were here and got in touch with us. The whole Harding crew - 41 in all - were on their way to Athens, Greece, but they were all traveling different ways to get there. Both groups of our company chose to come to this area to see Capri, Sorrento, Pompei, etc. It was fun but a hectic week trying to juggle two sets of company. We've had beautiful weather for sightseeing - nice temperatures.

12 Apr 1985
Fri Morning

I just got back from VIP Travel Agency. I inquired about charter flights from Naples. They only gave me Britannia Airlines schedule which only flies on Saturdays. In July Britannia Airlines has a flight leaving Naples at 12:25 pm arriving at London's Gatwick airport at 14:05 (2:05 pm). There is another flight at 13:00 (1:00 pm) that flies into a lesser known airport near London "LUT____?" arriving at 14:40 (2:40 pm). There is an hour time change between here and London. 2 1/2 hr. flight. Approximate cost is 210,000 - about $105.00. The price will be set for sure closer to the summer season. Ten-year-olds get a 40% discount.

Again, these flights only go on Saturdays. If you want this flight, you'll either have to shorten or extend your visit a few days. I could book this flight from here, but if I were you, I'd convince your travel agent to find the flight and book it for you. The Italian I was talking to about this was speaking half Italian/half English to me. I was doing the same back to him. Italians are usually not as conscientious as Americans. I would feel a little better about it if it were all done on your end. He was also encouraging me to book this as soon as I know for sure because that is during peak summer travel time and these flights fill up fast - although we did get on our flight booked only 2 days in advance. (There were 3 empty seats on our flight.) Let me know if you want me to book this flight for you and what day. I can easily do it.

I've gotta run fix lunch. Angelique is enclosing a letter to Laura. She likes to get mail so she decided she had better write some letters so she will get some back. Her school is out for Easter vacation.



P.S. We're all fine.

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