27 Feb 85

Dear Diane,

Help! I need 3 1/2 yards of 3/8" wide white satin ribbon. Plus, I need a 12" light blue zipper to go in this polyester & cotton material. The satin ribbon will stitch onto the dress so I need plain satin ribbon, i.e., no fancy edges.

I found out Angelique needs a long dress for her kindergarten graduation. (Can you imagine?!?) The base has absolutely nothing in long dresses. Penney's catalog has some pretty ones, but they all have to be dry cleaned. So those were vetoed. I decided it was time to get the ol' sewing machine out and make her a long dress. She can wear it for her Easter dress if I get it made in time - which is why I'm in a rush for the ribbon & zipper. Can you get them as quickly as possible and mail them 1st class? Oh, I'd appreciate it so much!

I hesitate to try the Italian ribbon, which is not quite the same. I'd hate for the dress to look bad after the 1st washing because I didn't have the proper kind of ribbon.

The base does carry Simplicity patterns, but you're lucky if they have your size. Luckily, I did find a pattern for Angelique: Simplicity #5862, size 6. I didn't dream they wouldn't have the ribbon & didn't even look until after the lady was cutting the material. I've still got enough "1 a yard" lace from years gone by to use on the dress. I'll use the light blue for the dress bodice & skirt and a white print for the sleeves and top front bodice. They didn't have a 12" zipper, of course. I bought a 16" zipper which I'd rather not use, but can if necessary. Angelique thought I should have the dress made by this afternoon. (I just bought the material this morning.) I tried to explain to her that it would take 2 or 3 days of work after I got all the things I needed.

I got your 14 Feb letter the other day. June 27 sounds just great. I can pick you up in Rome-I hope! I only know how to get to the airport & the Roman Forum area. I will have to have your hotel address & find a good map to pick you up at your hotel. But, surely I can do that. The only other alternative is for you to catch the train down or fly - which is not expensive, but a hassle.

Two weeks with us is not too much time. You & Laura are welcome to stay longer if Bill has to get back to work. You could stay the rest of the summer & take swim classes with us. But remember - we don't have air conditioning. Yes, Michael should be able to take some time off while you are here. I'm not sure if he's filled out the paper work for that yet.

Another travel tip: After you get to Europe, you might like to purchase some bottled water to take on the bus with you. You will get quite dry with their forced air systems. Cokes & juice, etc., get old after awhile. We hesitate to drink the water even in the hotels. That reduces the chances of getting diarrhea. Plus, the water tastes bad in so many areas. Perhaps your bus will come equipped with a bar & you won't have to worry with such stuff.

I was sorry to hear about Joyce. Do you know any more yet?

Did you get the package I sent last week? I hope nothing was broken.

Gotta run.



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