Saturday, 9 Feb 1985

Dear Mom & Dad,

I haven't gotten a letter from you since the last time I wrote, but I had better write while I have a chance. Jeannie is leaving Monday for her week-long shopping trip. I will be busy with the kids and the house next week, and doubt that I will find time then to write.

I had pneumonia again. I guess I am about over it now. I started taking medicine on Monday and am feeling 100% better. Monday was the only day I didn't work. They had to have me the other days, though I didn't see many patients. I surely won't have so much trouble with my lungs after we return to the States.

Last week the phone company buried cable down the four laner. In the process they cut the cable to most of the phones in the area. I finally got ours fixed by calling a friend who has a friend at the phone company. That is the only way to get things done around here. We couldn't believe that they cut the old buried cable while they were burying new cable. Alot of Americans in the area are supposed to be able to get phones now with the new cable. It is an entirely new exchange.

Last Sunday morning I had to preach and teach class. That was really hard when I was so sick. I stayed in bed while the rest of the family went to tapes Sunday night.

I have not yet received my income tax forms this year. I thought they would send them to Harrison. Have you got them yet? If not, then I am going to need the same ones I had last year, including the state forms.

Also, while I am asking for things, I need something for my Commodore 64 that is called "Fast Load Cartridge." It is made by Epyx. Would you check at the computer store in Harrison for it? If it is less than $30, then buy it and send it to me first class. I will send you the money if I get it. If they are asking more than $30, then they are trying to rip you off. Even if you find it at Springfield within a month, please send it. I can easily sell it if I end up with two of them.

Jeannie and I took the kids to see "Jungle Book" this afternoon. It is a Walt Disney cartoon. We had never seen it before. Jeannie attempted to take them twice last week, but the movie hadn't arrived.

I haven't felt like doing much this week but sit at my computer or lay in bed. So, I don't have much news to tell you.

We have a basement full of furniture worth over $3000. It belongs to the Sharpes. They bought it three months ago, but it wasn't delivered till Thursday. The Sharpes have already gone back to the States. It is still packed up. The Navy is coming on the 19th to ship it to them. I guess it will just be in the way till then. It is a dining room set, and it is fancy.

We got a package from Dan and Alisa last week with a book and a puzzle for the kids. I guess they felt guilty for not sending a Christmas present. They sent a Valentine's present.

Jeannie called Susan Krumrei in Holland the other day to find out if they would be home when we were planning to be there in April. They are planning to be in the States for three months starting in March. I guess we will plan a different vacation now and only go as far as Paris.

We have tried to call Holland many times before, but could never get through. I finally figured out that we were dialing a zero in the middle of the numbers that we weren't supposed to.

Any way, I look forward to hearing from you. It seems that no one in the States wants to write much any more. My mailbox is empty most of the time. After the postal rates go up next week, everyone will have another excuse not to write.

I hope you all are healthy. Everyone here is fine at the present. Write soon.

Love you lots,

Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, and Steven

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