27 Nov 1984
[to be opened after Christmas presents opened]

Dear Bill, Diane & Laura,

Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you figured out to open the box before Christmas for the diskettes. Michael was quite proud of this computer Christmas card. He thought it was neat to go in and change all the commercials into personal messages.

Laura's doll and unicorn are from England, of course. I think the unicorn came from Windsor. After I wrapped the doll I wondered if Laura's grandmother didn't bring her one back from her trip. Anyway, I hope this one is different.

You'll recognize the Florentine stationery. Of course, it's from Florence. The travel sew kit is from China. No, I didn't go there to get it. I picked it up at the Exchange. It looked neat for European traveling.

I got the painted piano key from the "Piano Key Lady on the Posillipo." There are several piano key artists in Naples, but this lady's is suppose to be the best. She sponsors artists and takes them on tours to America and across Europe. Her newest artists do the piano keys. So hold on to yours and see if this particular artist (name on back) gets to be world famous someday. The scene is the Bay of Naples from the Posillipo (classy residential hill) looking across to Mt. Vesuvius.

See you in about 6 months!



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