Monday, 17 Sep 84

Dear Mom & Dad,

This will probably be a short letter.

We have been very busy learning to use the computer. I have acquired several programs (30?). All four of us would spend every minute playing with the computer if there weren't other important things to do.

We have games that are just right for the kids. Steven already knows where all the keys are on the keyboard. We have been pleased at how quickly the kids have learned how to use the computer and how much they have learned from the educational programs. Angelique is quicker than the rest of us at understanding what she can do with a program.

There is a big black market in Italy for computer games. I know people (Americans) with hundreds of programs. It is quick & easy to copy programs. (It is a lot like copying video tapes except the quality doesn't change.)

Today I got my genealogy program. Now if I can just find time to type in my records.

Jeannie complains that no one even gives her time to play with it. I came home one day to find her playing the same game for 2 1/2 hours.

You would be amazed at the things the kids can do with the computer. I will have to put it on videotape some day.

When I was little, I rarely got to see a typewriter, let alone learn where the keys were. Now our 2-year-old can find all the keys quickly. We have two different educational games that taught them that. They learned FAST.

We got a letter from Kem, Jeannie's brother, today, saying that their parents were planning on moving into their house this past weekend (15-16). Jeannie has been worried about where she would stay in Searcy if they didn't get into their house.

We finally got a SHORT note from Alisa telling us Dan was not going to Kansas City.

Well, I just got back from helping John Sigle for an hour. His car "broke down" in front of Paddington. I helped him put his new radiator hose on. Faye got to school this morning & lost all the water out of the radiator. It was no easy job in the dark. Actually, John did most of the work. His father is a mechanic.

I'm glad Becky finally sold her house. I didn't realize they paid so much for it.

We very much appreciate the cartoon tape. The only ones Angelique wants to watch are Shirt Tales, Pac Man, and Rubic's Cube. She does not like He-Man and will go play while it is on. Steven will watch anything.

How many kids does David Morris have?

We will have to call Grandma on her birthday.

"Ducks Ahoy" does come on a cartridge.

Since Becky doesn't send presents, perhaps I should stop, also. Ha!

I preached Sunday, a week ago. It was the first sermon I ever felt like I "preached" instead of just "talked." That night we had tapes at our house.

Last Wednesday night I was home 5 minutes when I was paged to go to the hospital. I hooked the computer up before I left. (I got home at 2 AM.) Jeannie unhooked it before she went to bed. Unfortunately, she unplugged the wrong thing & the next morning plugged up the wrong thing. She plugged the disk drive and the stereo into 220. We still haven't got the stereo fixed yet. But I fixed the disk drive by getting a new fuse. She will be more careful next time, I hope.

Is Carol Hilburn's fiancé a member of the church?

It won't be long till we see you all. The Navy still hasn't decided if it will pay for my trip yet. I am going anyway. See you then.

Lots of love,

Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, & Steven

P.S. Angelique is really into faces these days. We find these pictures (like the one enclosed) all over the house. She was real excited when I said I would send this one to Grandma & Grandpa. (We also have a computer game that will draw faces. She really enjoys it.)


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