23 Aug 84

Dear Mom & Dad,

I have been waiting for a letter from you. Since it has been so long since the last one, I guess I had better go ahead & write. Now I will probably get one as soon as I mail this.

I am on call tonight. Very unfortunately, our phone is out of order. Come fix it! There is no telling why, or when it will be fixed.

I hope they didn't turn the phone off because we didn't pay a bill. I haven't gotten the bill yet. It usually comes near the end of even numbered months.

I had to leave my car home today because yesterday it started leaking oil really bad from a gadget on the side of the engine. I took the part in this afternoon and got a new one. It cost about $4.50. It is fixed now. That must be the simplest problem I have had to solve around here.

Jeannie has a really bad cold right now.

There are two or 3 viruses going around the community right now. I was too sick last Thursday to see all my patients. I slept all afternoon and night. I was fine the next day.

Swimming lessons ended last week. Jeannie has been home every day this week and is about to go crazy waiting for the kids to get into school. I'm not sure if it starts next week or the week after.

Last Friday we left the kids at the Sigles and went to Sorrento. They did just fine for 2 nights there. Faye said Steven didn't even ask about us till an hour before church Sunday. Angelique wanted to sit by Faye at church and Steven asked if he could go home with them after church. We left Sorrento about 8 am and got to church just before it started. The kids were on their best behavior for awhile.

We got to Sorrento about 5:30 Friday night. Our hotel was built up one of the cliffs overlooking the sea. Our room had a balcony and a view across the bay to Vesuvius.

We spent most of our time there walking and shopping. We found some really good places to eat. My legs were sore for 2 days after we got back. We bought a lot of neat things.

Jeannie was also shopping for a raffle prize for the Hospital Officers' Wives Club. She talked the inlaid wood factory (where we bought our table) into just giving her something to raffle. We were very pleased. It is a triangle-shaped music table. Now all the money raised will be profit.

They had fireworks in Sorrento Friday night at midnight. They were better than I ever saw in Harrison. The week of 15 August is a big fireworks time around here. We could see them from our hotel room.

We saw one shop that had quartz from Arkansas. I bought a trilobite fossil there from Utah.

Monday we got 3 computer games. One is PAC-MAN. The kids are PAC-MAN crazy. If we would let them, they (including Jeannie, perhaps) would play PAC-MAN constantly. So we are getting some use out of the computer.

Soon I will have a disk drive and a printer. Also, I ordered an expensive genealogy program. Now we will have to buy a small TV.

I met the new doctor yesterday and talked with him quite a bit. He will be starting full time at Pinetamare on 10 September. He is from Pocahontas, Arkansas. He graduated from UAMS in 1977. He is single. He seems like a really nice guy. It will be nice working with him. I'm sure the patients will like him, too. His name is Neal Ragan.

I haven't heard from you since your "reaction." I assume you are doing ok.

I hope you have (had) a happy birthday.


Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, & Steven

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